2020 The Truth about Fitness Resolutions

2020 The Truth about Fitness Resolutions

Don’t commercialize your New Years Resolutions!

They come and go every year, usually ending with a bang. New Year’s celebrations, bringing in what we are lead to believe is a whole “New Year” of change. The promise of change, a new beginning, a new start, replacing old habits with healthy new ones. There are more, but I am sure you get where I am going.

How many of those resolutions are laid down for health and fitness goals? I would say millions! Some of the classic examples, joining a gym, starting a new diet plan, building some muscle, and a whole bunch of variations of the latter.

The million dollar question is, why do we have to wait until the end of the year to make a commitment to change our lives for the better and break bad habits? The truth is, we don’t! But we tend to wait for those big moments, and put things off until it’s the right time to commit. Sad to say, we wait for the masses, that commercialized day /night where we can party all night, drink copious amounts of alcohol, make fools of ourselves, and then once we have all of that out of our system we tell everyone what we are going to change in the New Year!

Thank God, or the devil for Social Media, because these platforms are the perfect launch-pad for our New Years Resolutions. Because it wouldn’t be right to keep them to ourselves, would it! We have to stay noticed, and relevant because everyone is watching. Well, we think they are! The honest truth is, nobody cares if your resolutions are merely shallow words, that fizzle out on the 2nd of January. That’s a fact, nobody gives a crap. It’s a proven fact that in any given day peoples thoughts are 95% dedicated to themselves, not others. We just tend to think other people care, especially in the world of Social Media where we have thousands of friends!

New Years resolutions usually transform into excuses with a few days. Over commitments that fall into the “whoops” that’s something I just said while I was drunk category! I would say, 98% never come to fruition.
The business world just use them as another day to have a sale, after they have already scalped the public for pre Christmas sales. Are we being ripped off, or are we just ripping ourselves off?

From a personal perspective, I never make New Years resolutions. Why? I don’t fall for commercialized nonsense.
I get hundreds of emails after New Years day, because I have subscribed to some health and fitness blogs just to get other peoples views on the whole fitness genre. Most of the emails are just cookie cutter junk, the usual spiel…have you stuck to your resolution, blah, blah. Or tips on how to stay motivated, some crummy video, usually tied into SELLING some product or service! See, even they have fallen for the commercialization of “New Years Resolutions”. 

Make a change now!

The cold hard truth is, you shouldn’t need to wait until the end of the year to change your life for the better. Time is our most valuable commodity, are you going to wait a whole year to make some flimsy commitment that is lucky to last two days before it turns into an excuse! It makes no sense, because it’s nonsense.

Change NOW, and make sure you change for the better. If your goal is to lose weight, or build some muscle commit to a smart plan. A plan that is based on real world experience, a plan that is logical and can be worked in to your lifestyle. Remember, if it’s not sustainable, it’s not attainable! 

Finally, don’t fall for commercialism, only the sheep follow the road most travelled. The road least travelled may include a few pot holes, and require a little real-world hard work, but the rewards are bountiful, to say the least.

You don’t need an audience, or some commercialized nonsense to succeed. All you need is passion and a little smart, work ethic.

A toast to your continued success.


– Steve Jones

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