The Aesthetic Bible Hardcover Book

You can’t beat a real book! They are tangible, physical creations that are both educational and inspiring. They are something you can hold on to, grab anytime you need to refresh your knowledge, or fuel your chosen passion.

These are the very reasons I decided to create a hardcover version of my book The Aesthetic Bible. Sure thing, I also embrace technology and recognize that many in this generation prefer digital platforms, but I wanted to create a legacy item that I could dedicate to the one man that introduced me to the world of Bodybuilding and Fitness, my Dad, Arthur Jones. I dearly hope that I have done him proud, and my book helps others to achieve their personal goals through the thirty eight years of knowledge I have accrued.

I have always considered Bodybuilding to be an art, the art of shaping the Human body. I mean, seriously, what other form of exercise or lifestyle has the potential to do this! To take complete control over the way we look and feel is a true gift and a very empowering one, to say the least!

Aesthetics is all about balance and harmony. It’s not purely about how you look in a singlet, or how much you can lift, it’s about balance, and longevity. I have seen far too many young aspiring gym goers burn themselves out, because they go too hard, too fast. Bodybuilding success is more a marathon, than a sprint. Better invest in a smart, plan that you can apply consistently, than one that burns bright for a short period and then fades into insignificance. To achieve this very goal, requires a clear understanding of the aesthetic fundamentals of training, nutrition, supplementation and mindset. I cover all of this, and more in my book.

Building a great aesthetic physique is not a shotgun approach, it’s not purely about force feeding yourself and doing heavy squats and deadlifts.

If it was, there would be many more great physiques around. To win the game you have to think smart, before you think big! Apply a plan based on real world experience, a plan that explains the absolute fundamentals that you need to know, to succeed.

I am humble enough to say, I not a guru, I started out like many young trainers hungry for progress. I am not here to brainwash you, or to get you to agree with my methods, I am past that sort of mentality. I am here, to share what has worked for me, what has allowed me to have longevity in the game, and still hold a great aesthetic physiques into my fifties. Most all, I rely on trial and error, observation, logic and constantly monitoring and assessing progress. Let’s be honest, if you are not moving forwards, you are moving backwards! My goal with The Aesthetic Bible, is to provide “light bulb” moments, where everything starts to make sense. No flim flam, just pure logic based on many years of experience.

At the end of the day, I can only help those that really want to learn. Some folk, despite their lack of success are adamant in their ways. The truth is, I can’t help know-alls, nobody can, because you have to be willing to accept you don’t know everything, especially if you are getting little to no results from your efforts!

If you are at a point where you are frustrated with your progress in the gym, nothings working for you, my book is for you. If you are making great gains, and happy with your progress you may still learn a thing or two that can take you to higher achievements.

Let’s be honest, you can never lose by investing in self development, and the Bodybuilding and fitness lifestyle, if done correctly is the ultimate self development tool.

– Steve Jones

The Aesthetic Bible

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    The Aesthetic Bible Hard Cover Book


    The Aesthetic Bible by Steve Jones – Hard Cover Book

    Designing a Human Masterpiece – Compiles over 38 years of Steve’s knowledge in the fitness and bodybuilding industry in an A to Z quality Hardcover book. Discover how to train, eat, supplement and think to unleash your true aesthetic potential.

    Over 240 pages of life changing content, including inspirational images, educational graphics, exercise programs, diet plans and guides!

    NOTE: This is a high quality Hardcover Book, weighs 1kg (2.2lbs).


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