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I often get asked the question, do supplements work or are they necessary when it comes to getting results from your efforts in the gym? My answer to these questions is, YES they will work, as long as you are willing to work! I wish I had a dollar for every time I have heard someone say “I tried that, and it didn’t work”. The truth is, most things will work, if you are willing to work. Sure, there are variables, some things work better than others, this rule applies to everything. 

The human body demands one thing and one thing alone “nutrients”. It gets the nutrients we need, including protein, carbohydrates, essential fats, vitamins, minerals, enzymes from the food we eat. Now, hypothetically what would happen if you starved yourself for a week, no food at all? You would feel pretty crook, and weak. Now, let’s ask the same question that many ask about supplements. Does food work? You get where I am coming from! Of course it works, as our body does not function too well without the right nutrients supplied on a regular basis. 

Back to supplements. Most supplements are derived from food, they are “food supplements”. So if food works, supplements work. Just plain old logic. However, what matters is quality, not quantity. The same applies to workouts, it’s quality, not quantity. Or what you do in the gym, not how long you spend in there. 

This is where most commercially available foods, the ones you buy from the supermarket often fall short. They contain a lot of empty calories (not that I am a calorie counter) and very little nutrient levels. This is where supplements excel, most of them are very low in calories but high in nutrient value. So your body gets what it needs minus all the excess, that often gets converted to fat, especially excess carbs/sugars. 

Personally, I am a big fan of supplements, and this is after over thirty eight years in the bodybuilding and fitness industry. I base my conclusion on research and my own hands on experiences, using an array of supplements. I use the good old, trial and error system. Assessing on a number of variables, how I feel, my workout performance, energy levels, the quality of my sleep, and my recovery. Over the years I have managed to narrow down what I feel are the most effective supplements for building an aesthetic physique. Based on my own research and trials I created a supplement range to help those seeking aesthetic greatness. Aptly named, The Aesthetic Kingdom Supplement range.

I have included three key products in the range, AK Muscle Growth, an instantized BCAA/EAA formula designed to support quality lean mass gains, minus the excess baggage that is often seen by downing liters of protein drinks.

The second product is a performance based AK Pre Workout Formula that uses the latest ingredients in effective doses to help you blast through those high intensity weight training sessions.

Finally, I have included a fat burning product AK Thermogenic that helps shed those stubborn layers of fat that hide your your true aesthetics. A good part of presenting an aesthetic physique is the ability to add quality lean mass, while keeping body fat at a low level.

Sure thing, I take a bunch more general health and well being supplements which I cover in full in my book The Aesthetic Bible. But these three products are the cornerstone to my performance based supplement regimen. Timing is also critical when it comes to both nutrition and supplementation, another topic, I cover in my book, but to put it simply there are three key times when supplements should be taken. Before your workouts, during and post workout. I tend to lean more towards the before, and during than post, only because my intra workout drink contains a cocktail of all three of the products above. I am delivering KEY ingredients when my body demands them, during my workout.

The great thing about my Aesthetic Kingdom Supplement range is the fact that they contain no sugars, artificial sweeteners or additives. I use only natural colours and flavours, and my sweetener of choice is all natural Stevia. They also mix great, taste great and cause no digestive discomfort or bloating.

Be sure to check out my range below.

– Steve

CEO / Founder
Aesthetic Kingdom

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