New Season Fashion Releases

Check out our exciting new seasons range of Gym and Active Wear for Men and Women We are always looking to bring exciting new designs to our extensive range of apparel and accessories for Men and Women. We are proud to announce the release of a new range we have rightfully named " Fit Words". The
How alcohol lowers your immune system

How Alcohol Lowers Immune System

Before you run out and stock up with your favourite alcoholic beverage, read this! With all the craziness in the World at the moment with the virus COVID-19 leading to not only business closures but also shortages of basic items like toilet paper, hand sanitizer, canned foods, dried pasta and rice. It has left millions

The History of Aesthetics

Aesthetics is all around us, in nature, art, the human body. Before I go into detail let's take a look at the word Aesthetics, and what it means! This is an excerpt from one of the online dictionaries:adjective. The definition of aesthetic is being interested in how something looks and feels. An example of someone who is aesthetic might
dud programs Is Your Training and Diet Program a Dud?

Is Your Training and Diet Program a Dud?

Identify the Red Flags! The truth is, we have access to a superhighway of information these days with the world wide web. However, anyone can create a website, a social media page, a blog, and really have little to no experience on the associated subject matter! Scary stuff, and it's easy to see why over
The Truth About Counting Calories

The Truth About Calorie Counting

How using a flawed calorie measurement can cost you your health! Humans love counting, we have a fascination with numbers because they often provide the backbone for science. The health and fitness industry, bodybuilding included loves numbers. It provides a way to measure our input, how much we squat or bench press, how many reps
Time Under Tension training

Time Plus Tension Equals Gains!

How to Use Time and Tension to Build Quality Muscle I am sure you will agree at least 90% of gym goers start lifting weights to build muscle. Because its muscle that gives our body shape and form – the basis of all the “body transformation” plans you see on the fitness market are based
2020 News Years Resolutions

2020 The Truth about Fitness Resolutions

Don't commercialize your New Years Resolutions! They come and go every year, usually ending with a bang. New Year's celebrations, bringing in what we are lead to believe is a whole "New Year" of change. The promise of change, a new beginning, a new start, replacing old habits with healthy new ones. There are more,

Aesthetic Bible Online Success Plan

It's Online and its dedicated to helping you succeed! I wanted to cover all bases when I created my Aesthetic Bible. I understand and recognize the differences in generations and the technology gap, plus personal preferences when it comes to learning. Some prefer purely an online experience, while others prefer a tangible physical medium -
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