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I have including some of the more common questions that I tend to get thrown my way over the years. But, this is where you can come to the party and submit a question for inclusion in this FAQ member area. Use the form below to submit your questions for inclusion.


This is one of the most common questions that I get hit with, and the answer all depends upon a number of things. What are your current and long term goals, how many hours can you reasonably devote to the gym without affecting your family life and work commitments. To be totally honest, some weeks I only get in two workouts, but when I have to do this I make them whole body circuit workouts using a lot of supersets so I can keep the intensity up. However, the truth is, how many workouts you cram into the week is NOT going to increase your chances of getting results any faster if you do not understand the fundamentals of weight training. I see many young trainers hit the gym five to six days a week, but just because you go to the gym, doesn't mean you are working out! I recommend to read the chapter on how to perform the perfect rep, and use this as a foundation. If you make every workout count, you can get away with a lot less time, and safe yourself a lot of frustration!


This theory is just that, a flawed theory that has been disproven by science to be totally ineffective when it comes to weight loss and building muscle. In fact science shows that eating less frequently offers a lot more benefits for both weight loss and longevity. Think of your internal system as plumbing and machinery, albeit a very advanced network to say the least. Now imagine thrashing that machinery day in day out by cramming down countless meals. Do you really think that is conducive to living a long and healthy life? Look, I am all for building muscle, but NOT at the expense of destroying your health. Forget the THINK BIG mentality and start to THINK SMART. Quality always outlives, quantity!


I am going to be brutally honest here, because this is one of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to building a quality physique. From my 38 years plus of experience and observing, I have come to the conclusion that those that lift the heaviest weights have the worst physiques, and the most injuries, many extremely debilitating injuries! Weight training IS NOT weight lifting. In fact I prefer the term "Resistance Training" because that aptly describes the art and essence of bodybuilding. I have never performed a heavy squat, deadlift or bench press in my entire career, and I managed to build a pretty decent physique. I would recommend reading the chapters on The Perfect Rep and my training techniques for an indepth explanation of my methods.


Let me put it this way, when it comes to bodybuilding steroids do not make champions. Sure thing, they can puff up a body, but they do not create finesse. In saying this, I am not against people taking drugs, but remember, if you live by the sword, you die by the sword. There will always be a price to pay. For younger athletes, in my mind, there is no need to take testosterone because it is produced naturally. Focus on the fundamentals, perfect your rep form, boost your workout intensity, fine tune you nutrition, add some natural amino acids, BCAAs, EAAs. Hormone replacement does have its benefits for those over forty, for both men and women, But this should be left in the hands of a licenced practitioner, someone that specializes in anti aging and longevity. Just remember, longevity is the key. Muscle mass will fade with age, but you still want to be walking around at 80 without the use of the zimmer frame!

I will say, I preferred the physiques of the 80's and 90's before bodybuilding became distorted. It has lost a great deal of its finesse, although the new Classic Category may breath some life into the sport again.


They spend too much time working on dud plans! It's a simple as that. The definition of success is working hard on a smart plan. Failure is working hard on a dumb plan! I mean sure, I could do into detail on the reasons why, but the fundamental reason is a dumb plan. And sad to say, no matter how hard you work on a dumb plan, it never gets any smarter. This is why I decided to write my Aesthetic Bible, to share the knowledge I have accrued throughout my journey into the world of bodybuilding and fitness. All the answers you need are laid out in detail in my book, so make sure you read it a couple of times and then once again for good measure :)


I don't believe in resting while training. In fact this old method of performing X amount of reps and then having X amount of rest between sets is the root cause of lack of zero gains! Rest if for when you step out of the gym doors, not during your workouts. Sure some people can be diligent and keep and eye on the clock. But most young trainers these days use time between sets to update their social media account! In fact a few nights ago I did an entire full body workout, yes....everything, my entire body in 45 minutes while I saw a young guy spend the entire time sat twiddling his phone on the same bench! Lucky if he did, 3 sets while I smashed through my entire body! I explain my methodology on training and rest in The Aesthetic Bible, so make sure you read and the re-read the chapters on training. Learn the fundamentals of what weight training / resistance training is all about. Leave the rest for after your workout and avoid common distractions.


I have learned a lot over the years through experimenting with virtually every style of eating. I tried the bulking up with protein shakes, figured that was a waste of time when all I gained was excess baggage in all the wrong places. I have even tried going meat free, yes the Vegan style but it did not suit me at all, all I got was weaker and flatter. As for carbs, well this is an ongoing debate, but what I have found is people tend to defend the foods they love eating. In fact they get very defensive and nasty if you tell them that sugar is a killer! Especially when they love eating candy! The people that defend carbs love to pull out studies, sadly many of them are funded by Coca Cola! Who have a vested interested in promoting carbs/sugar! Getting to the point, sugar is no good for you. It is the biggest contributor to metabolic disorder in the world, diabetes, obesity, heart attack....All connected to excessive carb / sugar consumption. So, with all the above being said, I recommend keeping a close eye on your sugar intake and overall carb intake for that matter. Timing is critical, when you eat carbs is very important. I cover all of this and more in the nutrition section of The Aesthetic Bible, so be sure to read over the chapter in detail as I explain how the body metabolizes various sugars, including fructose which many people feel is healthy!


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