The Aesthetic Bible Hard Cover Book

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The Aesthetic Bible by Steve Jones – Hard Cover Book

Designing a Human Masterpiece – Compiles over 38 years of Steve’s knowledge in the fitness and bodybuilding industry in an A to Z quality Hardcover book. Discover how to train, eat, supplement and think to unleash your true aesthetic potential.

Over 240 pages of life changing content, including inspirational images, educational graphics, exercise programs, diet plans and guides!

NOTE: This is a high quality Hardcover Book, weighs 1kg (2.2lbs).


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The Aesthetic Bible Book by Steve Jones

“Finally a Blueprint To Harness True Genetic Potential”

It’s time to cut through the myths in the world of health and fitness and simplify the process. Steve Jones’s Aesthetic Bible Book provides an A to Z on how to achieve aesthetic balance, both physically and mentally.

Steve Jones has over 38 years of hands on experience in the Health and Fitness Industry. Recognized across the globe for his incredibly Aesthetic Physique, having won numerous Bodybuilding titles, owning and operating successful gyms across the Asia Pacific region and being the creator and publisher of his very own Fitness Magazine.

Aesthetics are more than just physical finesse. It’s more than looking great in a singlet at the gym, or down the beach. Aesthetics are about celebrating the gift of live, it’s about balance and harmony of the mind and body. It’s about understanding the fundamentals, the how’s and why’s of training and nutrition. It’s about understanding how to put all the pieces together to create a living, breathing, masterpiece.

The Aesthetic Bible covers everything you need to know to achieve that “Light Bulb” moment where everything falls into place, and finally everything starts to make sense. This masterful book provides the brushes for anyone of any age, sex, or experience level to create their very own living masterpiece.

It’s time to unleash your true potential with The Aesthetic Bible.

  • Over 240 pages of content
  • High quality hardcover book
  • Inspirational images
  • Easy to follow format
  • Workout charts
  • Nutrition Programs
  • Cheat sheets and Mind Maps

NOTE: This is a high quality Hardcover Book, weighs 1kg (2.2lbs).

PERSONALLY SIGNED: If you would like a personally signed copy with a message from Steve you can select the option above. If it’s a gift you can add what message /name you would like in the note section at checkout.

The Aesthetic Bible is also available as an online program CLICK HERE

Aesthetic Bible Book, The Aesthetic Kingdom Steve JonesThe Aesthetic Bible

The Aesthetic Bible Book


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2 reviews for The Aesthetic Bible Hard Cover Book

  1. Jeffrey Schneider

    I recently purchased the Aesthetics Bible. Honestly the best book on training that I have ever read. Easy to understand if you follow what Steve explains regarding his training principals and nutrition and your willing to work your butt off in both nutrition and training. I guarantee you will get almost immediate results. I saw results in the first 2 weeks of switching over to Steve’s unique style of training. And I have been in the fitness industry for 34 years and have had a Career as a personal trainer for 20 years. So I have read so many books on training. I wish Steve could of written this book sooner. It would of saved me a lot of wasted time with trial and error. Thanks for all your great knowledge Steve your book also helped me become a even better personal trainer.

  2. Chris Guynn (verified owner)

    Been training with Jeff Schneider using this bible and am getting amazing results! Loving it!! Taking conditioning to a whole new level. If you’re looking for a natural, aesthetic look this is the way to do it! Thank you for sharing your knowledge!!

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