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This is short promo video I created for the Aesthetic Kingdom, features some old and new training footage of myself. The age difference between the older training footage and the new is around 25 years! 

Proof that the Bodybuilding lifestyle, if conducted in a smart and balanced manner can keep you looking great well into your fifties and beyond. I cover all of my training techniques, including how to train to maintain for longevity in my book The Aesthetic Bible. 

I spent pretty much all of 2019 working on the Aesthetic Kingdom Brand that includes the creation of my book in entirety, including all the content, graphic design and layout. I also created a digital version in the form of an online course that can be accessed as a member. Two formats, for two different generations. Online and for the Old Schoolers that prefer a Hardcover book. Either way, I have something for everyone of any age and gender.

I also created an array of apparel and design all the respective logos and artwork for the brand. I have a wide selection of T shirts, singlets, Muscle tops, leggings, shorts, caps, beanies, gym bags, hoodies, sweatshirts and even a range of shoes!

Aesthetic Kingdom

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